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Capture messages and have them delivered as a unique Gift.

The Perfect Way To Show Someone You Care!

Ideal For Birthdays Of All Ages

Bring Tears Of Joy To Your Loved Ones

Whether It's Their 21st or 80th, They'll love Your SayIt Giftbration!

It takes just 30 seconds.....

In just a few seconds and a couple of clicks you will have started your SayIt. Just place the name of the person you are organising it for and when you want their SayIt delivered.

Sharing Is Caring...

We make it easy to share the link with your friends and family and invite them to get involved. They can use any device to upload a video or photo or record right there on the page.

We do the work...

Looking for people to add their video messages?

We make it super easy to invite them and we'll gently remind them to upload messages to the gallery. Sit back and watch all the videos and images upload and review which ones to be included in your SayIt gift.


Either keep them all in the online gallery to share with the person you are wanting this gift for or our team will edit all the videos and images and place them onto one of our bespoke video cards or video boxes to be delivered as a gift or directly to you.


Keep People Together

Connect friends, families and loved-ones – wherever their location. Include them in the celebrations, at a time when we’re forced to be apart.

Thoughtful and Memorable

You'll create a gift of messages that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Start Your SayIt Today

It Takes Just 30 Seconds

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Choose the service you'd like and you wont be charged until you are ready for your SayIt to be delivered -

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A note from SayIt co-founder, Kate...

SayIt was born out of an idea to connect people and help them share meaningful and memorable moments together that will be treasured for years.

The generic "cut and paste" world of gifts and cards just doesn't live up to the feelings of appreciation and love that people have for each other.

In today's society where moments are fleeting and spending time with those you care about is more challenging than ever, SayIt is there to enable you to show them you care.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

We offer 3 options for our users Starter, Standard and Silver.

We also offer flexibility should you want to purchase video cards or other presentation options separately.

For larger occasions such as weddings we offer our Concierge service and also have solutions for Businesses

Is the gallery secure?

Yes your gallery page is only viewable to the creator and guests invited to contribute must use a passcode to connect to the service to upload or record their video.

The gallery is live for the amount of time determined by the package: Standard - 14 days, Silver 30 days. A zip drive file will be emailed to you after the event deadline.

How do guests send a photo or video?

Guests can record a video on any device using any of their favourite apps and effects. Then simply upload it using your secure link.

Guests can also record directly on the link page which will connect to their device camera and microphone.  

When and how will I receive my final video?

Your videos will be available and viewable in the gallery page from the very first submission and for the amount of days determined by the package. After the deadline your videos will be compiled into a video montage (professionally edited for the Concierge package) and sent to you by zip file on email and on a video card to your address.

Please note if you wish to receive a video card in time for the recipient's birthday please allow 5 days and set the event deadline accordingly.

Is there a limit?

The Starter package is limited to 15 uploads and the Silver package is limited to 45 uploads. (our Concierge package is unlimited)  

Video cards have a memory of 4GB which is sufficient for approximately 30 minutes of video content.

What is a video card?

A video card is an A5 white or personalised card with a 7 inch LCD inside which plays on opening the card.

The card features play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and volume controls. Cards have a maximum of 4GB memory and can play for 2 hours continuously. A USB cable is included for recharging.

The card opens vertically and the lid folds back to turn the card into an 'A frame' to display in your home.

Got More Questions? Email us at or visit our website FAQ page

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